What Is A Hybrid Program?

The cross between online learning and traditional brick-and-mortar instruction.


Our Model combines the rotation model (Students attend program but rotate throughout the day between online learning, classroom instruction, group projects, and individual work.) and the flex model (Students work through a program personalized for them, but still have daily interaction with a teacher depending on their needs.)

What Is The R.I.S.E Hybrid Academy Program?


A program established to provide students the opportunity to reach their full potential.  We create the curriculum, reports, data tracking, hiring, professional development, and so on.  We work with clients by providing the educational program, and helping them to receive funding via our partner foundation.  Through utilizing our many resources we are able to supply an organization with the financial help to students that meet income requirements.   All the organization has to do is have a facility, an  idea and be able to recruit students and we can personalize the school around our clients needs.  We work with:

-Current Daycares to help them to grow to pre k- 12th grade

- Sports organizations to create a school around their program

- Arts and Music organizations to create their own Performing Arts School

The possibilities are endless...

Elite College Prepatory Academy


Our Tuition Plan Options

Private School
Tuition Plan
Tuition Plan
Approved Tutor
Tuition Plan
Private Schools Interested in Utilizing our Virtual Program
SAT/ACT Prep and Private Tutoring

Why Choose R.I.S.E. Hybrid?

  • And a multitude of other aspects that make us different from all the rest!!!
  •  Schooling can be done around student schedule
  • Self Paced Classes
  • Live Classes- students can participate and do group projects with other students in class
  • Online Reading Groups
Accredited Program
  • Balanced Literacy Approach
  • Certified teachers
  • Tutoring Available Anytime
  • Access to many subscriptions at one low cost
  • NCAA Approved Courses *
  •  Virginia Dept. of Education Approved Courses 
   * Alliance Program  offering additional courses
Individualized Education
  • We have packaged programs together to help us to interpret that data to show areas of strength of weakness

  • Analytics used to give parents access anytime to student progress

  • Programs are created based on each students placement test results​


  • Parents besides monitoring homework and making sure student is completing work



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