Our Curriculum

R.I.S.E. Hybrid Academy has adapted the ideas of a few well-known pioneers of education who believed in hands-on education, valued the importance of developing higher-order thinking skills and focused on the stages of cognitive development. The teachings of John Dewey, who placed an emphasis on learning through an experiential, hands-on/ constructivist approach; John Piaget, who focused on organizing instruction according to the stages of cognitive development; and Benjamin Bloom, who advocated levels of questioning to promote higher order thinking, provide the foundations on which our curriculum is based. E.D. Hirsch, author of the What Every Child Should Know series, provides proof that the inclusion of the arts is extremely important, but also balances the constructivist approach through the use of a knowledge-based schooling belief.


Our dynamic school, utilizes the knowledge about 21st century learning environments through the use of technology, to create a virtual classroom environment that promotes student engagement based on teaching students all aspects of the computer through real world projects.  By setting high expectations for all students, we will set ourselves apart from all other schools. Students here are taught to use lateral thinking. Our students are able to analyze and evaluate all subject matter so that they will be able to relate it to their own life and reflect. We believe that our school supersedes other choices in education, so as to close the achievement gap by making connections between abstract foreign concepts to concrete learning experiences.   


R.I.S.E. Hybrid Academy for Polymathic study's mission of creating well-rounded, knowledgeable individuals, is achieved through parents who are devoted to our mission and vision and teachers who only accept excellence.  This is why we accept all Pre-K to 1st grade and require all students entering the 2nd through high school program to take an entrance exam that exhibits their knowledge base so that we can foster a learning environment that is a Revolutionary Innovation for Superior Education.