Growth Model


We recognize that building a quality school can not be done overnight, therefore we have a growth model that we strictly adhere to unless there is a case where this model would not be feasible for our client.  Our model focuses on fostering students who will be successful in our academic program.  The basis of our model, is that in early childhood, children are able to pick up concepts and foundational skills fairly easy, but as they move through the grades there is the possibility of gaps in foundational skills which can jeopardize their success in this program.  Due to having to place students in a grade level that matches their grade level equivalency in reading and math so that they can meet expectations of graduating fully prepared for college and life, we feel assessing and evaluating the students strengths and weaknesses and then discussing placement with parents/guardians, we will create a transparent picture of each child's current status and whether or not this program is a good fit for them.


  •   Students are excepted in Kindergarten and First grade based on parent interview and baseline assessment.

  •  Students accepted  in second grade are required to meet a cumulative score on entrance assessments in order to be accepted in program. (These scores are not as strict as 3rd grade and beyond)

  • Students in 3rd grade and up must meet minimum entrance exam requirement for their grade level to be placed in school.  



For Private Schools

What We Do:  

We serve clients that want to build their educational business by adding a private K-12 school to their pre-existing daycare or preschool and/or help fulfill our clients dreams of opening their own theme based private school.  From beginning to end we work together with our clients to provide a step by step comprehensive plan.   We offer the academic component and work with your organization to set tuition prices that are comparable to overall costs to run program.  We provide training for staff, assessment of students, personal website design for each student, online data tracking for all students, day by day assignments, tuition assistance for students that qualify and most importantly, individualized learning experiences.


Our individualization does not end with our approach to students, as we work with your organization we provide a hands-on coach to meet and discuss every aspect of the program and will also help in parent presentations.  For every engagement, we assemble a team with the most appropriate experience and expertise.

No matter the challenge, we focus on delivering practical and enduring results, and equipping our clients to grow. We partner with foundations that help allow the students that attend R.I.S.E. at Hybrid Academy, to go at as little cost to the family as possible.  

R.I.S.E. at Hybrid Academy


R.I.S.E.'s Lower School focuses on building strong foundational skills in reading and mathematics.  Through assessing students prior knowledge, creating a individualized learning plan, and giving students access to a technology enhanced learning environment using effective, research proven material R.I.S.E. At Hybrid Academy does supersede any current learning environment.   We are unique to other learning programs because of our flexibility in scheduling so as to accommodate for programs that can only run specific hours of the day, or athletes who may spend time during the day practicing.  In order to truly individualize learning, we evaluate a student's  Math, Reading, Writing, and Spelling so that the site created for the student has content that is the correct academic level of the student.  Through doing this students get the most out of their time, working where they are and hence maximize learning.

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Based on per student cost, students are enrolled in our school but we incorporate your organizations costs into tuition.  We work with foundations that help students to be able to get partial to full scholarships if they meet income requirements.


Private Schools Interested in Utilizing our Program
Individual Courses
Tuition Plan
SAT/ACT Prep/ Private Tutoring

Why Choose R.I.S.E.?

  • Individualized Instruction
  • Access to multiple subscriptions at one low cost
  • NCAA approved Courses
  • Balanced Literacy Approach
  • Convenience
            (Schooling can be done around student schedule)
  • Tutoring Available Anytime
  • We have packaged programs together to track your student's progress and help us to interpret that data to show areas of strength of weakness
  • Students are able to learn at their own pace
  • Self paced classes
  • No real work on parents besides monitoring homework and making sure student is completing work
  • Online reading groups 
  • Live Classes- students can participate in classes via the internet and see and communicate with teacher and peers from their class
  • And a multitude of other aspects that make us different from all the rest!!!

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