R.I.S.E. At Hybrid Academy provides everything for a busy mother to homeschool without all the work.  Instead of lesson plans for parents to try to follow and execute, our program was created with the student in mind.  We offer three options:


- Tier 1- Basic week by week assignments, in all subject areas, Science is included and can be used at parents discretion.  All materials and subscriptions* are provided and  each assignment comes with a video instruction for how to use it.  Data is tracked and can be viewed at all times and parents are told which assignments are to be graded and kept for students portfolio.  (If children are taught to put all assignments with to be grade symbol in a folder parents are able to grade on their schedule)  This program is an easy way to homeschool and enrich the program with any supplemental materials but to be assured that student will have all items they need to not only be successful but to potentially work above grade level.

-Tier 2- This option includes online lessons done with a teacher.  This option is suggested for working parents who can not commit to being the main teacher.  Students are able to work at their own pace and must complete assignments on a weekly basis.  Lessons are taught through a variety of ways and students can do classwork at anytime.  This option offers younger students lessons in reading and writing via reading groups with a teacher, word wall work, as well as additional math stories that help them to remember content.  Older students benefit from group projects and optional tutoring with teacher one-on-one*.  Reading is done in older grades in a discussion base and students can ask questions to teacher and other students. 

* additional cost