Private Schools Interested in Utilizing Our Program 

Are you a new independent school interested in offering a program that requires little prep work for teachers, online data tracking, and the ability for teachers to have opportunities to work one to one or in small groups on a consistent basis?

How it works:


  • We help set you up with a teacher(s) who know how to use the program, or train teachers on your staff on how to use the program

  • Students must have a computer and internet access as well as regular school supplies

  • Students login to their school account and then start their daily routine completing assignments and learning through multiple medias

  • Teacher meets with students in small groups and individually to teach lessons, that are already prepared, or help students who are showing areas of difficulty based on their analytical reports, and student progress monitoring information

Requirements of School

  • School just has to tell us how many students they are interested in serving

  • Will school require a teacher or training for their current teachers

  • Will school want teacher to be paid by us (if so tuition will be more)

  • Once all of this is determined you may click below for our contact information, further information and for pricing options