All below course descriptions give an overview of what is covered in grade, additional content will be covered based on student.


The content of the Visual Arts Standards of Learning is intended to support the following goals for students: Acquire the technical and artistic knowledge and skills necessary for creative, expressive, and artistic production. Select and use art media, subject matter, and symbols for expression and communication. Solve visual arts problems with originality, flexibility, fluency, and imagination. Develop understanding of the relationship of the visual arts to history, culture, and other fields of knowledge. Use materials, methods, information, and technology in a safe and healthy manner. Demonstrate understanding of the elements of art (color, form, line, shape, space, texture, value) and the principles of design (balance, contrast, emphasis, movement, pattern, proportion, rhythm, unity, variety) and the ways they are used in artistic production. Interpret, reflect on, and evaluate the characteristics, purposes, and merits of personal work and the work of others. Identify, analyze, and apply criteria for making visual aesthetic judgments of personal work and the work of others. Develop aesthetic awareness and a personal philosophy regarding the nature of, meanings in, and values in the visual arts. Develop understanding and appreciation of the roles, opportunities, and careers in the visual arts and related areas. Develop ethical practices, to include following copyright and royalty requirements when exhibiting art, producing art, or using the works of others. Nurture a lifelong appreciation for visual arts as an integral component of an educated, cultured society.


Everything needed for this course will be provided online some textbooks may be purchased for an additional cost but are not necessary to complete course.  Students will also have acess to lessons taught by certified teachers. All courses require a subscription fee to complete, and cost will depend or courses chosen.

Art Course Add on

  • All subscriptions last for the year except for manipulatives which are yours to keep unless you cancel in which all materials must be returned.

    For Kindergarten and First grade (depending on student) course subscription - $200 (*includes manipulatives)