All below course descriptions give an overview of what is covered in grade, additional content will be covered based on student.


In Kindergartenstandards place emphasis on developing the concept of number by counting; combining, sorting, and comparing sets of objects; recognizing and describing simple repeating patterns; and recognizing shapes and sizes of figures and objects. Students will investigate nonstandard measurement, collect data, and create graphs. The idea of fractions will be introduced.


The first grade standards place emphasis on counting, sorting, and comparing sets of up to 100 objects; recognizing and describing simple repeating and growing patterns; and tracing, describing, and sorting plane geometric figures. Students’ understanding of number will be expanded through learning and applying the basic addition facts through the nines table and the corresponding subtraction facts; using nonstandard units to measure; and organizing and interpreting data. Fractional concepts will be expanded.


Everything needed for this course will be provided online some textbooks may be purchased for an additional cost but are not necessary to complete course.  Students will also have acess to lessons taught by certified teachers. All courses require a subscription fee to complete, and cost will depend or courses chosen.

Language Arts 6th-10th Grade Course Description

  • All subscriptions last for the year except for manipulatives which are yours to keep unless you cancel in which all materials must be returned.

    For Kindergarten and First grade (depending on student) course subscription - $200 (*includes manipulatives)