All below course descriptions give an overview of what is covered in grade, additional content will be covered based on student.


In Second grade students will study number and spatial sense to include three-digit whole numbers and solid geometric figures. Students will continue to learn, use, and gain proficiency in addition and subtraction within 20. Students will begin to use U.S. Customary units to measure length and weight; predict and use simple probability; and create and interpret pictographs and bar graphs. Students will work with a variety of patterns and will develop an understanding of equality. 


In Third grade emphasis is on developing an understanding of, and solving problems that involve multiplication and division through 10 × 10. Students will apply knowledge of place value and the properties of addition and multiplication as strategies for solving problems. Concrete models and pictorial representations will be used to introduce addition and subtraction with fractions and the concept of probability as the measurement of chance. Students will use standard units (U.S. Customary and metric) to measure temperature, length, and liquid volume. Properties of shapes, points, line segments, rays, angles, vertices, and lines will be explored and students will identify polygons with 10 or fewer sides, combine and subdivide polygons, and name the resulting polygon(s).


Over the FourthFifth and Sixth grade years (what is covered during year is depending on student), student will cover topics that focus on mastering concepts in Place Value, Factors, Multiples, Geometry, Equivalence within U.S. Customary and Metric Systems, word problems, Probability and Statistics, Patterns, Functions, Algebra, Fraction and Decimal Operations, Percents, Prime and Composite Numbers and Rounding Decimals, Perimeter, Area, Surface Area, Volume, and Equivalent Measures.  


Everything needed for this course will be provided online some textbooks may be purchased for an additional cost but are not necessary to complete course.  Students will also have acess to lessons taught by certified teachers. All courses require a subscription fee to complete, and cost will depend or courses chosen.

Math 2nd-5th/6th Course Description

  • All subscriptions last for the year except for scholastic which is for the 10 month school year.

    For Second-5th/6th (depending on student) course subscription - $250 


    * Parent may choose between online or book version of Singapore math