Earth Science, Biology, Chemistry, and Physics. Throughout a student’s science schooling from kindergarten through grade six, content strands, or topics are included. The Standards of Learning in each strand progress in complexity as they are studied at various grade levels in grades K-6, and are represented indirectly throughout the high school courses. These strands are  Scientific Investigation, Reasoning, and Logic;  Force, Motion, and Energy;  Matter;  Life Processes; Living Systems;  Interrelationships in Earth/Space Systems;  Earth Patterns, Cycles, and Change; and  Earth Resources. Five key components of the science standards that are critical to implementation and necessary for student success in achieving science literacy are 1) Goals; 2) K-12 Safety; 3) Instructional Technology; 4) Investigate and Understand; and 5) Application. It is imperative to science instruction that the local curriculum consider and address how these components are incorporated in the design of the kindergarten through high school science program.


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Science K-Middle school

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