Our math program incorporates Singapore Math and standards based Mastery.  Students are pre-assessed, taught lessons, practice through guided and independent activities, do fact practice and then standard based mastery.  Finally they are assessed on their overall understanding of the topic via a end of unit test.  Students are able to learn lessons, play with manipulatives both online and real materials and we check for understanding the whole time so as to create students that are strong foundationally.

Algebra 1

w/Integrated Geometry 


1 Algebra 1

1/2  Geometry

The integration of geometry

and algebra makes it easier

to learn and retain, raising 

standardized test scores. 




1  Precalculus

1/2 Geometry* 

*Students who used

Saxon Algebra 2

can earn the second

1/2 credit of Geometry


Calculus 1

Available May 2018*


*Shormann Precalculus 

can start 9/15/18



1  Calculus 1

4 AP Calculus AB*

Algebra 2

w/Integrated Geometry


1  Algebra 2 

1/2* Geometry


*Saxon Algebra 1 users

 earn 1 full credit of geometry

AVAILABLE MATH COURSES FOR Middle School and High School

Once ready for upper level Math students switch to Shormann Math.