Social Studies/History Overview

In elementary school we focus on students having an understanding of what history is, the importance of knowing about different places and being able to locate them, and the significance of other cultures on our own.  We look at Ancient civilizations and work our way through colonization, the wars, expansion, to 1980's.


In middle through high school students in Language Arts will learn about topics in Social Studies/History through reading, writing, and completing projects. For example students reading The Diary of Anne Frank, discuss topics about the holocaust, have web chats to discuss specific chapters of the book and feelings that the book evoked, write to inform, compare and/or reflect, while covering a period in history and bringing to light meaningful content that the students will be encouraged to connect to their own lives.  

The way that we have set the history program is so that students in 5th-8th grade will cover U.S. history from the beginning to the Reagan Administration.  Students will be asked to do hands on activities and create projects based on their learning of major events after Reagan Administration.  Once students begin high school level history, we give the option to take a class at the local public school or we suggest online institutions to take the courses for credit.