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Definition of Multidivisional online Provider MOP company that provides courses to public schools
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Requirement for
MOP Providers

All MOP providers must Apply to the Virginia Department of Education and provide:​

  • A multidivision online provider must be accredited by one of the Virginia Board of Education-approved agencies

  • Have all curriculum for each course approved by a 3rd party corelation service 

  • Documentation to show that the 3rd party has approved the courses match the newest Standards of Learning 

  • Providers may offer one course or a full array of courses as an online course or program provider contracted with a local school division.

Requirement for Parents

Any school district may enter into a contract with an approved MOP to provide courses but is not required to; however, any parent requesting to utilize a MOP must have or be willing to enroll their child into the public school system.

  • A parent that does get their school district to contract with a MOP will not have to pay for the courses or will have to pay the remaining of what the district did not pay.

  • If the school district refuses to contract with MOP, children may still take courses through the MOP, and they will still transfer in as approved courses to the public school; however, the parent will have to pay for them.

  • If there are a multitude of courses that parent plans to enroll their child in without fiscal support from the school district they should consider enrolling in the Full Academy instead.

Parents and Child


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