About Our Organization 


Revolutionary Innovation for Superior Education (R.I.S.E.) at Hybrid Academy will educate students in a way that creates responsive, scholarly individuals that want to play a role in the upward movement of humanity. Our mission is to create tomorrow’s influential men and women who will exercise their abilities to make significant contributions to society. We plan to achieve this by delving deep into each subject area to make it meaningful and connected to other subjects (cross-curricular instruction). Instead of teaching a plethora of subjects in an unconnected and superficial way R.I.S.E. Hybrid  Academy will intertwine subjects so that students recognize how all are important (building interdisciplinary connections to strengthen content understanding) We will focus on an education that emphasizes strong academics, experiential and project based learning, 21st century technology, critical thinking skills and the constructivist approach to learning.

R.I.S.E. At Hybrid Academy has adapted the ideas of a few well-known pioneers of education who believed in hands-on education, valued the importance of developing higher-order thinking skills and focused on the stages of cognitive development. The teachings of John Dewey, who placed an emphasis on learning through an experiential, hands-on/ constructivist approach; John Piaget, who focused on organizing instruction according to the stages of cognitive development; and Benjamin Bloom, who advocated levels of questioning to promote higher order thinking, provide the foundations on which our curriculum is based.

As the last piece to our dynamic school, R.I.S.E. At Hybrid Academy will utilize the knowledge about 21st century learning environments through the use of technology, to create a virtual classroom environment that promotes student engagement. Avenues such as the Virginia Tax Credit Scholarship, allows for our program to be able to offer students who may not be able to afford this caliber of education, a chance.Through offering affordable educational opportunities for children in Virginia and beyond, we will be able to fulfill our mission of creating well-rounded, knowledgeable individuals.

R.I.S.E. At Hybrid Academy is unique to other learning programs because it offers complete flexibility in scheduling so as to accommodate and work with many different organizations.  We truly individualize learning based on assessments done in Math, Reading, Writing, and Spelling assuring that each content area is at the correct academic level of the student.

By setting high expectations for students and teachers, we set ourselves apart from all other schools. Students here will be taught to use lateral thinking. Our students will be able to analyze and evaluate all subject matter so that they will be able to relate it to their own life and reflect. We believe that our program must supersede other choices in public education so as to close the achievement gap by making connections between abstract foreign concepts to concrete learning experiences. By providing many class trips for our students that enhance and strengthen the curriculum, R.I.S.E. At Hybrid Academy will offer experiences that cannot be matched.

When trying to envision R.I.S.E. At Hybrid Academy, visualize a hybrid: a public school with some of the most prized features of private schools. We are a program that will tap into each student’s prior knowledge, while also creating meaningful experiences. Challenging curriculum, appreciation of the arts, hands-on experiences, a strong technology enhanced program, trained teachers, and a supportive classroom environment will all combine to ensure the success of R.I.S.E. At Hybrid Academy.

R.I.S.E. At Hybrid Academy is based on the idea that students who have a strong foundation in the content areas, technology and athletics or the  arts will be successful later in life. Providing an experience that is meaningful and enjoyable, made with the interests of the learner in mind, is our goal. Closing the achievement gaps and connecting literacy and efficacy will produce students who are strong academically, socially, and morally. Our educators intrinsically believe in and demonstrate or mission and vision. We believe that if you have good teachers who teach the curriculum in an interesting way, there is no need to teach to the test, because the learning will occur within the natural learning environment daily. Catering to the diverse population in this ever-changing community will help make R.I.S.E. At Hybrid Academy unique. All children must be valued, educated, and secure with themselves so that they, in turn, can secure a bright future for us all.