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Frequently Asked Questions
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What courses are approved to be multidivisional courses? 

All courses listed on the course catalog are approved by the Virginia Department of Education.  This is how we are able to partner with public schools to offer these courses via online instruction.

What is a hybrid program?

A program that allows the learning experience to be customized around the needs of students. A hybrid program gives students both the experience of learning in a classroom and the personalization provided by online learning. RISE Hybrid Academy’s Program is a research-based program that focuses on excellence and does not discriminate because of income restrictions or special needs.

What is the cost for students to attend?


The cost to attend is based on whether the school district agrees to partner with RISE and pay for a portion of the cost otherwise parents are responsible for paying for the courses they intend to enroll their student.

How are students selected for admission?

All students who apply that will be entering the Kindergarten to second grade are eligible for admission. As of third-grade students are taken if they are able to pass the placement tests with qualifying scores. There are no restrictions on the minimum or a maximum number of students that can take any course.

If my school district refuses to contract what should I do?

The best choice would be to apply to the private school option so that your child will be able to get the same courses but also additional courses.  You will be able to use a 529 plan and have a transcript from a Regional and Nationally accredited private school.

I do not see science courses listed on the website for VDOE approved courses, does that mean my child will not be able to enroll in science?  

All students enrolled in the MOP program are still under the umbrella of the public school and therefore can take any courses not listed through the public school.  We also offer classes through our private school and alliance program both of which you will receive a transcript once courses are completed.

Are scholarships available?

Yes. Through utilizing the Virginia Tax Credit scholarship program, students who meet income requirements are able to receive partial to full scholarships if there is money available in the scholarship fund.


Are students from all types of schools eligible to apply?

Yes. Students currently attending public, parochial, and private schools may apply and attend.

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