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Homeschool Curriculum

Our curriculum is unique to many other homeschool programs.  We offer individualized assignments based on your child.  You will get weekly assignments and be able to utilize the same materials as our private school students.  We do all the work and provide you with a turnkey homeschool program that you can enjoy! 

Happy Childhood

Attention Maryland Homeschool Parents




Fill out an interest form on our website stating your interest in the homeschool program.


Schedule for your child to be assessed to determine their areas of strength and weakness. Also, discuss possible course interests.


Work with our curriculum specialist to determine what subjects and electives you would like as part of your child's program.

We will then build your child their own customized learning plan.


We will guide you through which materials you will need and create all lessons  for your child.  You will be in charge of implementing the program as directed.

So Excited for the Fall 2024-25 school year!

If you live near the Olney, MD Campus we will be offering in person classes in Literacy and Mathematics to get your little one reading and learning early math concepts!

More Information Coming Soon

Looking For Extracurricular options or Portfolio Review?

Email us if you are interested in Lego, Foreign Language, Art, Music, and Theatre Classes in person.

Please include if you are interested in teaching any as well!

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