Exciting News!

Congratulations to our CEO, and Head of School for having her first book published and available for purchase below!

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Recently Rise Hybrid's CEO was interviewed by Cato Institute. You can read all about it in the 9/16/22 Friday Feature by clicking below.

 2022 Graduate Corner

Zimria Tucker 


Rise Hybrid Private Academy presents Class of 2022 Zimria Tucker. Aspiring Veterinarian, Zimria Tucker will continue her educational endeavors at Virginia Tech majoring in Animal and Poultry Sciences. 

Zimria started at Rise Hybrid as a middle schooler.  Through attending Rise Hybrid's Private high school,  she was able to take college classes and graduate a year early.  Upon her acceptance into Virginia Tech, she learned that they accepted all of her 32 credits and she will enter with Sophomore standing.  Her hard work throughout the years is admiral and we are so proud of her accomplishments and know that she will have a very successful future!


Bragging Rights

Great News

RISE Hybrid Academy not only has 100% college acceptance into four year colleges, but all students are reading above grade level standards and test results reveal all students math scores have improved by 150% from initial testing at the beginning of the year and far out weigh their peers with many testing into high school level mathematics by 6th grade.

Rise Hybrid Private Academy presents Class of 2021 Kristopher Anatol an aspiring Anesthesiologist. Kristopher will continue his educational endeavors at University of Virginia majoring in Biology. 

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RISE Hybrid Academy is pleased to announce it’s first graduate, Kristopher Anatol .  Kristopher started with Rise Hybrid Private Academy when it first opened in 2014. Through his time at Rise he was able to take college courses earning a 4.0 college GPA while in high school. He has worked hard over the years, and by the age of 14, he was able to begin taking classes at the local college.  By 16 he had earned 51 college credits and was excited to hear that University of Virginia accepted them all!  Kristopher we are excited to have you as the first Rise Hybrid Private Academy graduate, and wish you the best of luck in the future! 

 2021 Graduate Corner

Recent Student Pictures 


Chef Chantilly a local Chef is teaching students how to not only have fun while cooking but also how to make nutritional foods.