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About Our Organization

Once a small community homeschool program,

now a Nationally and Regionally Accredited, NCAA approved K-12th Grade Private School.

Teacher and Student


The mission of R.I.S.E Hybrid Academy is to create tomorrow’s influential men and women who will be able to exercise their abilities to make significant contributions to the enhancement of society.


  We believe that all students can learn regardless of race, creed, ethnicity, income level, or zip code.  All curriculum matches each students learning style and pace of learning.  In addition, we offer character-building and an academically challenging curriculum.  We believe in preparing students for real-life experiences by exposing them to age-appropriate life situations. Lastly, through working to develop the whole child, our students prove to be successful students and adults. 

Gardening Lesson

Core Values:

Have high expectations for all students.

Produce lifelong learners through educating our students to use higher-order thinking skills and prior knowledge to meet learning expectations.   

Incorporate technology into all aspects of the curriculum to create meaningful learning experiences.  

Provide a qualified teaching staff trained to fulfill the Academy’s mission.


Create a safe and interactive learning environment that allows all students to learn to the best of their potential.

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