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Welcome from Head of School

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Welcome to RISE Hybrid, where we serve a variety of students in a plethora of ways.  We are fortunate to be able to provide a rigorous Private School education while also offering students the opportunity to take additional courses through our Multidivisional Online Provider program or by utilizing our homeschool curriculum.  We work with students that come from many walks of life but all strive to be academically prepared for college or whatever their future holds.  By providing an individualized academic approach and getting to know each student we are able to stay true to our mission and vision.    We are a school where children learn how they learn best and are able to gain confidence in knowing who they are as a person.  We pride ourselves on being a small school that knows our students and their families.


When trying to envision RISE Hybrid, visualize a hybrid: a public school with some of the most prized features of private schools. We are a program that will tap into each student’s prior knowledge, while also creating meaningful experiences. A challenging curriculum, appreciation of the arts, hands-on experiences, a strong technology-enhanced program, trained teachers, and a supportive classroom environment will all combine to ensure the success of RISE Hybrid.

RISE Hybrid Private Academy is based on the idea that students who have a strong foundation in the content areas, technology and athletics or the arts will be successful later in life. Providing an experience that is meaningful and enjoyable, made with the interests of the learner in mind, is our goal. Closing the achievement gaps and connecting literacy and efficacy will produce students who are strong academically, socially, and morally. Our educators intrinsically believe in and demonstrate our mission and vision. We believe that if you have good teachers who teach the curriculum in an interesting way, there is no need to teach to the test because the learning will occur within the natural learning environment daily. Catering to the diverse population in this ever-changing community will help make R.I.S.E. At Hybrid Academy unique. All children must be valued, educated, and secure with themselves so that they, in turn, can secure a bright future for us all.

So, welcome to RISE Hybrid Private Academy.  I believe we do not meet people by accident. They are meant to cross our path for a reason.  I am so glad that our paths have crossed and look forward to what the future brings.


Nicholle Anatol

Head of School

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