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Revolutionary Innovation For Superior Education at Hybrid Private Academy

for Polymathic Study- K-12th Grade

Fully Accredited by the Accrediting Commission for Schools, Western Association of Schools and Colleges


What Is A Hybrid Program?

The cross between online learning and traditional brick-and-mortar instruction.


Our Model combines the rotation model (Students attend online and rotate throughout the day between online learning, live 1-1 and small group instruction, group projects, and individual work.) and the flex model (Students work through a program personalized for them, but still have daily interaction with a live teacher.)

What Is The RISE Hybrid Private Academy?

A kindergarten through twelfth-grade private school established to provide students the opportunity to reach their full potential.  We individualize the curriculum, use data and reports to drive instruction and students are able to surpass their peers academically by one to three grade levels.   Many students are high-level athletes who must maintain excellent grades while also having a demanding athletic schedule.  Although our students go through a selective process to be admitted, we thrive on knowing that all students enrolled in our program are able to succeed.

The possibilities are endless...

what is rise hybrid
Why Choose Rise
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The Difference Between Why Our Students "RISE"
Above The Rest

Student in video call lesson
Individualized Education
  • We have packaged programs together to help us to interpret that data to show areas of strength or weakness

  • Analytics used to give parents access anytime to student progress

  • Programs are created based on each students placement test results​

  • Communication initiated by  teachers help Parents to stay connected to their child's learning


  •  Schooling can be done around student schedule
  • Self Paced Classes
  • Live Classes- students can participate and do group projects with other students in class
  • Online Reading Groups
  • Optional 1-1 instruction
  • Opportunity to take College Classes while in high school
   Fully Accredited Nationally and  Regionally Private School
  • Hold accreditations from Middles States and Western Association of schools and colleges
  • Balanced Literacy Approach
  • Certified teachers
  • Access to many subscriptions at one low cost
  • NCAA Approved Courses 
  •  Virginia Dept. of Education Approved Courses 
  •  Alliance Program  offering additional courses

Now Enrolling for the 2024-25 school year!!

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