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Homeschool Services

Providing Everything You Need

Teacher and Student

Language Arts

Students in language arts work on multiple level writing skills, spelling, sentence diagramming, learning to read, reading to learn, reading comprehension, upper level reading skills, spelling, and vocabulary.  A parent utilizing our program would be able to purchase the years curriculum which would be primarily online and interactive with real teachers teaching a majority of the classes.


Students will be able to utilize our online tools to self score all book work as well as have access to teachers to teach the specific curriculum, depending on which program that is chosen.  Also, we have an advanced math program allowing for self paced work that gives students college credit.

Math Notebook and Calculator
Art Class

Additional Classes

At Rise Hybrid Academy we offer a wide array of individual foreign language classes with live one to one options, electives, (music, art, etc) advanced  and regular science and social studies/history course options, as well as specific writing courses.  Please inquire about specific courses you may be interested in.

All classes vary in price since we customize each program based on your homeschooling needs.  We will build the program and then price it once all choices have been made.  

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