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We have closed rolling admission for the current school year
But will reopen it for any grade levels not full in the fall.

We encourage you to contact the Admissions Office  at

2024-25 School Year Application Deadline:
June 1st, 2024*

*Rolling admission for any grade level with open seats 

**There are currently still spots available in 2nd-10th grade for the 2024-2025 school year at the Olney, Maryland Campus


Still not sure, have questions? 

Read the testimonials below from parents of students who attended RISE.  


image of first person giving testimonial


Mrs. Anatol took my 6th grade daughter who started lacking confidence every time she stepped into English class and has turned her whole demeanor around. She has gained confidence in herself and her ability to complete work at a higher level for language arts. My daughter always assumed she was just not great at English class until she began working with Mrs. Anatol. My daughter realized she was smart enough and good enough to do all of the work and more bit just needed someone to break things down for her to simplify the seemingly impossible. Now, my child is completing tasks far beyond what her peers are being required to do in school and it is only a matter of time before she surpasses what is being asked of her in school. She will be better prepared for future college entrance exam requirement and for essays that will be required of her. We can't thank Mrs. Anatol enough.


My son attended this program at age 4 in preparation for Kindergarten. The experience was one of a kind.  His math and reading skills soared beyond my imagination.  It was so apparent how much he was excelling that my other children wanted to start attending the program as well.  When my son entered Kindergarten his reading level was two grade levels above his peers and continued to rise.  Recently, the school had to create an alternative program to meet his needs.  I would recommend this program to every child who is able to attend, as it has made such a difference in my son's educational experience.- Dr. Ainsworth

I highly recommend RISE for parents looking for an online homeschool curriculum.  Not only is RISE  guided toward my child’s personal needs, it is focused toward current events where my child is able to learn through real life situations.  This program has given my daughter the confidence she needed to become comfortable with learning.  After starting to homeschool due to my daughter’s 9-5 gymnastics schedule, it has been flexible, self-paced and time-efficient, yet challenging for my daughter’s very busy gymnastics schedule.  Whether my daughter is doing work from the comfort of home, at the library or in another state, feedback has been received in a timely manner.  Having someone with the background and knowledge to know what my daughter needs is key, and I highly advocate the use of this comprehensive program that is perfect for all of my homeschool needs.  - Alexis

Headshot of Mid Adult Man

Four years ago, we had a child going into college, one attending college, and we were approached about homeschooling our child to help her to get in extra hours during the day in gymnastics.  We were unsure as to what to do and were approached by Mrs. Anatol about a new program that she was starting to allow students to receive schooling during the day while at the gym.  Throughout the whole process, Mrs. Anatol was accommodating to trying a part-time schedule and working with our daughter to strengthen her math skills. Four years later and a move four hours south of where we started, we are still utilizing Mrs. Anatol’s program.  Through her online technology and her daily texts and phone calls, our daughter can keep up with a 30-hour-a-week gymnastics schedule and complete an honors level course work.  Although our daughter is only in the eighth grade, she is in the process of completing Algebra I for high school credit, will have High school Biology and U.S. History completed by the end of the year, and even was able to take the SATs last year and place high enough to get accepted into the John Hopkins Center for talented youth.  I say all this because, through this program, our child was able to work at her own pace and excel years past her public school peers.  She has learned how to use time management skills, write quality papers that her college siblings are impressed with, and has been given many opportunities that other students her age have not been afforded because of this program.  Mrs. Anatol is always available if we have concerns and takes time out to explain her methodologies and reasons for choosing a specific curriculum.  We are so happy that we chose and continue to choose this program for our child. 

Our daughter is currently in the 9th Grade taking Chemistry, Pre-Calculus,  and second year World History.  She has been part of the RISE, since the 6 grade.  I originally removed her from the public school system looking for an educational program that would challenge and push her to higher learning.  The RISE online program has prepared her for advanced learning.  She is confident and well rounded with great study habits and time management skills.  The one-on-one time allows Maya to focus on specific areas that require additional assistance by the instructor for a more clearer understanding.  We love this program and it has put her years ahead of her peers.  I highly recommend this program. -.

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Still not convinced contact us and speak with some of the parents yourself!

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