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How It Works

First you sign up and choose an option:

  •  Homeschool option (subscription only)

  • Approved tutor option

    • online with personal tutoring

    • In a facility with teacher (small group)​

  • Private School (school subscription)

  • SAT tutoring

  • ​Supplemental instruction by subject (subscription)

  • College Credit Dual Enrollment Option

Second you have your child take the placement tests in: 

  • Spelling

  • Reading

  • ​Math

  • complete a writing sample

  • Turn in state testing scores or testing for Science and Social Studies and report card grades for student file.

  • This process takes a few days but assures your child will be placed in the classes that best meets their needs per subject for a customized curriculum.

Third our staff of certified teachers and administrators:

  • Review all data

  • Come up with a leveled curriculum based on your childs results

  • Look over the goals you as a parent have listed on initial sign up
  • ​align programs that will best meet the needs of the child

Fourth each child is given a webpage:

  • Designed specifically around curriculum determination

  • All subscriptions and links will be included on this page

  • ​A schedule by week of all assignments that can be printed and checked off

  • A semester report card 

  • data tracking throughout the year

  • all schoolwork will be assigned like a regular school​

Lastly, you get to benefit from watching the academic growth your child will have under a high quality, certified teacher.  While a person choosing to homeschool using our program, will be able to utilize someone doing all of the work of choosing appropriate curriculum and planning individualized lessons for your child.

Our Tuition Plan Options

Individual Courses
Tuition Plan
Tuition Plan
Approved Tutor
Tuition Plan
Private Schools Interested in Utilizing our Program
SAT/ACT Prep and Private Tutoring

Why Choose R.I.S.E. Hybrid?

  • Individualized Instruction
  • NCAA approved Courses
  • Balanced Literacy Approach
  • Tutoring Available Anytime
  • Convenience
            (Schooling can be done around student schedule)
  • We have packaged programs together to track your student's progress and help us to interpret that data to show areas of strength of weakness
  • Students are able to learn at their own pace
  • No real work on parents besides monitoring homework and making sure student is completing work
  • Access to multiple subscriptions at one low cost
  • Live Classes- students can participate in classes via the internet and see and communicate with teacher and peers from their class
  • Certified Teacher Option
  • Self paced classes
  • Online reading groups 
  • And a multitude of other aspects that make us different from all the rest!!!

We asked parents that have spent at least a year using the below homeschool programs: "What did you like and not like about your program?" Here was their response:




Time 4 Learning 

Bridgeway Academy​​


 - paper pencil or DVD program option

- quizzes & tests 


- comprehensive program


- textbooks


-Paper pencil option took long to prepare on a daily basis

- students were not

able to participate/ at times would not sit through whole lesson

- sat in front of

computer for a

majority of time

-upper grades such

as middle school

language arts program

didn't offer as much of a challenge



- lots of seat work and testing


 - Online lessons and virtual classroom sessions in the Online School (OLS)

​ - quizzes & tests 

 - textbooks/workbooks provided *

- able to sit for state test

 - some free options

- 3 options (independent study, live video lessons, paper pencil)



 - students who did activities during day couldn't watch lessons live and therefore rarely used them

- cheaper options offered no flexibility of school year since it was still a public school

-everything was completed based on percentages so if you got behind it was hard to catch up


-contacting people at K12 for questions was virtually impossible

*some material is provided at a cost


- online quizzes & tests/ answer keys

-lesson plans and curriculum

- can use other programs with it

-option to set subjects at above or below grade level

-very affordable



 - not very challenging curriculum

- parents are completely in charge of doing work of teaching and preparing daily schedule which is time consuming if you are trying to do it well

-not much practice to master lessons


-Expensive for larger families

- student retention of topics taught was not good


 - video lessons

​ - transcripts done


 - flexible school year


 - expensive option easy for parents to use 



 - students were not

truly able to participate

- textbooks were not provided 

-tests were given and scored but there was no explanation of which answers were wrong

- If you choose inexpensive option it is labor intensive for parent

- placement test is given but not really used to place student, they must still complete courses in order, with choice of just going through them quicker

-not as user friendly for the technologically un-savy parent

Above is an example of:

      A second grader   


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